How to Farm :

1) Go to the Farming section and click unlock wallet and connect to your Meta mask eth address account that holds your TTT-ETH UniV2 Tokens.

2) Once connected, Type the amount of TTT-ETH UniV2 Tokens you would like the contract to approve

(*note if you type in 100 TTT-ETH UniV2 you will not be able to approve anymore until the full amount is used is fully staked. Therefore if you only stake 50/100. You have to stake the other 50 before you can approve a new amount)

(*Note you cannot deposit your full amount of LP tokens – must leave 1 pending)

3) Once you Click approve confirm the transaction via meta mask and wait for transaction completion.

4) Step two will pop up and ask you to confirm stake. Here is where you have the option of selecting whether you want to earn Dega or not ( DeGA is automatically selected as default). You can uncheck earn DeGa or click Use Dega.

5)Once you have decided click Stake 2/2 and allow the transaction to complete

6) Your TTT-ETH UniV2 tokens are now deposited and you can begin earning liquidity rewards automatically!

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