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The Tap Project Presents — The Great NFT Hunt — The Next step in Blockchain Gaming

Great NFT Hunt

A blockchain based collectible hunt that will change the way we collect and play! The past year has seen an exponential growth in the NFT market partially due to new digital assets and exposure from various influential individuals. The Tap Team predicted the importance of NFTs and the weight they would hold in the realm […]

Tap Partners with Private Accelerator Group


The Tap Project has partnered with a startup accelerator that provides developing projects with the means to get to the next level. This partnership provides the Tap Project with increased funding, liquidity support, advising services, and additional networks. This partnership helps the Tap Project grow and reach a faster realization of its 2021 roadmap. The […]

Tap Platform Farming Rewards Report

On December 21st, 2020, we launched the Tap Platform Rewards Program . This new addition to the Tap Project increased incentives for liquidity providers and brought farming to the Tap Platform by providing users with additional rewards for farming on the platform. The loot farm allowed users to yield farm Tapcoin (TTT) by depositing the […]