Tap Bros Podcast Recap Episode 4 — Listen Now

Yet another Tap Bro’s podcast came out recently! Did you miss it? Here are some highlights:

Market minute; has Ethereum reached its resistance point? Maybe and perhaps that will stabilize the market to allow for more growth.

Price of gas! Oof! Tired of those fees you pay every time you make a transaction on the blockchain? However high gas prices lead to innovation. Tap has been able to work out a solution using farming and degas for users to reduce gas fees by as much as 30–50% giving users more control.

Users seeking control can also find it on fan-based football league. Users can draft and call plays by popular vote! Check it out Zappers v. Wild Aces on Feb 27th! Fan involvement builds that community base and popularity. Imagine adding in blockchain and cryptocurrency into that mix to drive the interaction even further!

Lastly users can manage their NFTs even more in the future. What if you build up your assets in a game and transfer those assets to another game? That is what Tap Project does. Now take it a step further, take those assets and transfer them to another blockchain! Tap has always had a long-term goal of a stable and strong platform design and now a new short-term goal of the expanding NFT market to achieve this for all people in the blockchain community.

Imagine that for your NFT the blockchain it was created on does not have to be the blockchain it was sold on and that does not have to be the blockchain in was traded on. Nor does it have to be the blockchain it was play on! Tap Project, bridging the gap between games & between chains!

Don’t forget that the Great NFT Hunt will be coming up in Q2. With other stakeholders and sources this will be the largest known NFT hunt.