The Beginning Of Cross-Chain NFT Play

In 2020 the video game industry was estimated to hit over $165 billion in revenue due largely to the over 2 billion gamers worldwide. While the gaming industry may see profit from gamers, gamers themselves are unable to financially benefit from their time spent gaming. Those who wish to remedy this problem are faced with few ways to do so. Many are forced to utilize the services of publishers with poor publishing fees that result in poor “pay to play” mechanics.

The Tap platform makes it possible for gamers to convert their in-game currency from one game to the next; thus building a virtual wallet. This in-game currency exchange allows users to reap more rewards for their time gaming. Developers also benefit from these exchanges by receiving revenue from each transaction. This is all possible through blockchain technology and the Ethereum network.

The Tap Platform solves the issue of in-game asset movement between multi blockchains and games through the use of what we are internally calling, its NFT Stargate. An NFT is a unique token that can represent assets on the blockchain. Blockchain gaming companies have focused on developing NFT assets that can be owned by the player and used in multiple games.

The Tap Platform’s NFT Portal allows all NFT’s and assets to traverse multiple blockchains while saving the user up to 60% in associated gas costs (the price associated with transactions on the blockchain network). With the Tap Platform, NFT’s can be used, played and traded on one blockchain then transferred over to other blockchains for continued play. The solution isn’t a mirroring system or a bridge but rather a Portal to other blockchains.

For example, if you acquire an NFT on the Ethereum network but would like to trade it on the Binance Chain (because you like their dApp), you can do so simply through the Tap Platform. That same NFT can then be used traded or sold on Binance Chain!

The Tap Platform’s NFT Portal paves the way for a simple and low cost, solution for blockchain developers and users that can be applied to ANY blockchain that supports NFT’s.

The Great NFT Hunt, will showcase this function for the first time as it will bring multiple NFT’s across blockchains into ONE collectible hunt on the Ethereum Network!

This is a major mark for blockchain gaming and we are extremely excited to be paving the way to low cost cross-chain NFT use.

If you’re a blockchain team and are interested in joining the Great NFT Hunt, please feel free to email:

What is the Tap Project?